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3 Month Supply Rogaine Foam 5% Minoxidil for Men Hair Loss

3 Month Supply Rogaine Foam 5% Minoxidil for Men Hair Loss

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      • It Works: When used twice daily, Men’s ROGAINE® Foam regrows hair in nearly 9 out of 10 men after 16 weeks.*
      • Quick & Easy: The foam is quick drying and easy to apply
      • USA FDA-Approved: The first foam FDA-approved to regrow hair
      • Recommended in famous hair clinics in INDIA
      •  No need to waste time for sittings in hair restoration clinics anymore

        Reviews of Rogaine collected over internet in past 10 years

        2.0 out of 5 starsDid not work on my hubby.

        purchased this for my husband, he used it for 4 months and his hair is becoming less and less. It might work on some people but sadly it does not work for my husband. He decided to shave his head instead of hoping it will make a comeback! I think it might not work on him because he started out late, this might work better for people who just stated notice their hair is thinning.....

        5.0 out of 5 starsI HIGHLY recommend to use Rogaine

        I HIGHLY recommend to use Rogaine. I've been using it for a month & I feel my hair thicker & stronger. I noticed a difference after a week using it.
        I was very concerned about the shedding, but I was relieved that it was not bad & after a month of using it I'' starting to see new hair growing!

        Will be posting pictures! Dont wait any longer and buy this! You wont regret it!

        5.0 out of 5 starsJust one month in and I can already see Velus ...

        Just one month in and I can already see Velus hairs coming in! I'm not using this for its main purpose. I'm using this for beard growth and I have trouble growing hair in the cheek area. And after a month of this, it's awoken those hair follicles and I now have cheek hair! I still need a few more months until they become terminal and thicker. They're hard to notice as of now

        5.0 out of 5 starsEasy to use and results have come within 1 month!

        Easy to use and I'm seeing results and getting compliments from my hair dresser within the first month of use. I never believed in this product when I'd watch commercials on TV for 10 years but at age 31 I finally decided to give it a shot and it has proved me wrong! Love the foam as well!

        5.0 out of 5 stars4 months and the rapid growth surprised even me

        I have used this product about 3.5-4 months now and it has surpassed my expectations. I tried to use the most unflattering angle (straight down, hair spread) to really show the hair loss in my before/after pictures. I even can see some new growth in the frontal lobes although the product says it should only be used on the crown of the head.

        If you are unsure about buying this product like I was, just do it. I used to be very self conscience about my hair being wet, windy days and un-styled at the gym. It's only been 4 months and I don't worry about any of that now.

        I keep one bottle in my bathroom for the morning and one in my gym bag for after workouts.

        Smell is not noticeable to me or my girlfriend. Once dry its almost impossible to tell anything is in my hair to the touch.

        2.0 out of 5 starsEasy Application, Little Results

        I used this for about a year with little to no noticeable results. I'm in my early thirties and I have thinning hair due to heredity and stress. My thinning is primarily around the back/center of my head.

        The application is relatively easy and it is relatively odorless, but you must be careful to only use the recommended amount per each application or it may make you feel vertigo. Also, the results vary. Roughly three months in I thought the product was working because my hair appeared more fully. After six months of daily application, though, my hair began falling out and felt thinner than before. I was a bit concerned, but I continued to use it for six more months after, as the product states that some hair may fall out during earlier application. After a year, my hair was no better than before I started using Rogaine; it was still thin and the thinning spot on the back/center of my head was more noticeable than it had been before use.

        In the end, I think this product works for some, but not all. The product clearly states this, so it will always be a gamble. You may be one of the one in four this doesn't work for, as I was.

        TL;DR: If it isn't working for you within three to six months, I suggest you just stop using it. It's not worth the cost.

        5.0 out of 5 starsGood product

        Works! After being frustrated - waiting is not something I enjoy - my hairdresser commented about all of the new hair growth. My dermatologist suggested that I try using this product, I'm glad that I decided to do so.

        5.0 out of 5 starsWork if used correctly!

        Been using for 20 years. Im the only guy in my family with a full jead of hair. If used as directed TWICE a day, wash hair every day...this stuff is amazing. I would be bald without it. Wont work if you " try" it. You have to USE it correctly so grateful for this wonderful product !

        5.0 out of 5 starsGood stuff. Thought I may be slightly thinning and ...

        Good stuff. Thought I may be slightly thinning and I'm only 26. I realized I was probably freaking out as I have my juvenile hairline still and it's pretty thick but I have been using it since October and I plan on just using this combined with a few other things as a preventative measure instead of a balding treatment just so I don't lose my hair. If I can keep what I have until I am old it would make even Reagan blush.

        Use as directed 
        *Not everyone responds to Rogaine. Individual results vary 
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